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The birth of Pure Child Film

It is Friday the 11th of January and I am on my favorite Island in the Netherlands: Schiermonnikoog. After breakfast I walk straight to the eastern part of the Island, where there is nothing but nature. In this part there is only one path going through the pure nature. Today this path looks more like a river, because of the wet season, even when tide is low. I get already stuck after a few meters. I see a small hill and climb on top of it. From there I see endlessness. The image symbolises the endless possibilities to explore for the film I wish to make. At my right side I see a tower, which symbolises the finish: the presentation of the film. The first steps are clear. I take them literally after I say ‘Yes’ to the adventure of making the film.

Being true to ourselves, following our desires effortlessly, live in connection with nature. Children show me how to live from the heart, follow their true nature, are nature, are whole. We can ‘simply’ live with them together and let us inspire by them to follow ourselves, our true nature. Being present is where they invite us to. It brings the connection we long for. Let’s dare to be fully present. I am curious what will unfold being fully present with my family and with this film. What will arise from following my true nature? And what do I experience and learn on the way?

firststepPCF II

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